Our Services

Our services include:

  • Live-in Care
  • Day Care
  • Night Care
  • Complex Care
  • Personal Care
  • Personal Assistant
  • Complex Care
  • Specialist Care
  • Holiday Care
  • Respite Care
  • Palliative Care
  • Social Companionship

We can meet the care needs of customers who may need help and support, such as:

  • Older people who need some help with getting up in the morning, or when going to bed.
  • Couples who would like some assistance to be able to continue to deliver the care and support needed by one and in some cases both of them. Help with keeping on top of household chores, makes other duties more manageable.
  • People who are physically disabled and who need assistance with the things that their disability prevents them from doing entirely by themselves.
  • People who have fairly constant care needs and need regular care but do not wish to go into residential care, often choose our Live-in Care Service.
  • Sometimes when someone has been discharged from hospital after illness or an operation, they will contact us for short term help until they are feeling fit enough to regain their old lifestyle.
  • Others may need respite care; this is a service for people who rely on a relative or friend for most of their care but would like to give that person a break from time to time; this enables the carer sometime for themselves.
  • Many people prefer some time out from home and would like someone to take them out for a couple of hours or for a day’s shopping.
  • Sometimes a weekly pampering session appeals to both young and old alike – with the chance to de-stress and increase well being.
  • The above are a small example to the many scenarios that Lifeworth Care is able to come in and provide a service; we can and offer care to people who need it, either on an on-going basis or simply for respite care from time to time.