Tolu Roche

Personal Profile

Tolu Roche is a Care Consultant and Chief Executive Officer of Lifeworth Care Ltd. She started her career as an Architect and in 1995; after a number of years in this profession she made a career change and moved in to the care sector. This was to follow her passion to ensure that vulnerable people, especially the elderly, have access to good quality, high standard care, when they need it. Delivering this to them in the safety and security of their own home, by a highly trained workforce.

Prior to setting up Lifeworth Care Ltd, Tolu Roche served in various senior management positions in a number of Local Authorities, Adult Social Care Departments in the UK. She is a committed and highly motivated entrepreneur; who has a vision to see high quality, professional care delivered to the elderly and the disabled in Nigeria.

In line with this vision, Lifeworth Care has been set up through a passion to address the care gap created by migration. She is working to influence and change the perception of care of elderly people in Nigeria.

Mrs Roche’s passion is to see elderly people and people with disabilities afforded the dignity and respect they deserve; whilst having their care and support needs met. She states that people’s health and wellbeing is paramount, therefore she is working to bridge the growing gap in the availability of professional, high quality care and support to elderly and disabled people in Nigeria. With her specialist knowledge, skills and years of experience in Adult Social Care in the UK, she is working to establish recognised care standards, as well as influence the delivery of high quality care to the elderly and disabled in Nigeria.